By God's grace and the generosity and efforts of so many in our parish family, we have been able to resume construction efforts at the church.

Replacement of the corridor and old church roofs has been completed. The hallway is now well lit, with both electrical lighting and skylights installed. The roof over the old church now also features five inches of additional insulation, which should help heating and cooling efforts greatly. They also installed a new hatch for access to the roof, a convenience that has been sorely lacking all these years.

Our contractor and his crews are now installing new HVAC systems that will provide heating and air conditioning for the old church, trapeza hall, and the new, under-construction church space. Please be mindful of their tools and supplies as you enter the church.

Please remember in your prayers our dearly departed brother in the Lord Boris the Reader, whose generosity in particular made it possible for us to have this construction begin sooner rather than later.